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October 28th, 2010

One of the parts of depression is feeling down, insecure, unworthy and a myriad of other bad feelings. Depression can be caused by several different factors and effects millions of people.

The problem with depression is that many people do not practice accountability. Suffering from depression does not automatically mean that you can not live a full and happy life. Do not dwell in the low points.

Conquering depression means finding new habits and practicing constructive behaviors. For example, during manic times some people may feel highly euphoric and then they tend to do destructive things such as binge shopping, gambling, being promiscuous, and things of that nature. Try something to counter the usual acts such as meditation, yoga; something to calm you down.

On the other hand depressive times will lead to depressive behaviors such as isolation and sleeping all of the time. Why not try an aerobics class or an art class; something to get active.

Depression is a real disease that at some point needs to be dealt with with some responsibility. If you see a person with cancer continue to smoke, you think it’s wrong right? What makes this any different?

3 Responses to “ Placing Blame ”

  1. anxiety attack says:

    its good for her that she has someone who she wants and helps her while having a long as you dont mind being their for her here goes.while she is having one remind her over and over again it is gonna will pass.she got through it last time.she will get through it again.after remind her yes it was scary but she is fine.its fear of fear that breeds this.has she tried focusing on other thoughts when she starts to have one. has she remembered that she comes out of them ok in the end.if the meds are not working and just make her tired then she should see bout changing them.does she no the cause or or they for no reason.remind her again it will pass and she will be fine.nobody goes mad from anxiety or dies and having you their is a great help.gud look i feel for you both.

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