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    Effect of Stress

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    Learning the Effects of Stress

    We all encounter stress in our lives from time to time.  This is a normal part of life and there really is not much that individuals can do in order to keep a stressful situation from happening during the course of our lives.  However, there are a many steps that can be taken in order to help decrease the effects of that stress.  This includes avoiding triggers, exercising, taking time for ourselves, becoming more organized, etc.  While many people may know about the ways to decrease stress, they might not  follow through with them because they do not fully understand what negative effects stress can have on our lives.  Therefore, this article will briefly discuss some of the negative effects that stress can have on us and the way that we live.

    Common Symptoms of Stress

    1.)     Increased heart rate

    2.)    Headache

    3.)    Sweaty palms

    4.)    Upset stomach, diarrhea

    5.)    Fast breathing

    6.)    Back pain

    7.)    Getting sick more often

    8.)    Can make situations such as irritable bowel syndrome worse

    9.)    Painful menstrual cycles

    How You May Feel

    1.)     Some individuals will feel very cranky and irritable.

    2.)    You may have a very difficult time dealing with small situations that you are generally very good at handling.

    3.)    Worry a lot about small things.

    4.)    Have a hard time concentrating on things that need to be taken care of.

    5.)    Think that bad things are happening or that bad things have happened.

    6.)    You may be tired all of the time.

    When you begin to notice these things in your own life, you may want to begin trying to find a way to decrease the stress that you are experiencing.  Chronic stress really can cause a lot of difficulties for you in the future.  Being able to recognize it, and work on it, will be a wonderful way for you to increase your emotional well being.