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    Grief and Loss

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    Dealing with Bereavement

    Bereavement may also be called grief. This is the feeling of loss that is often felt when someone that you love has passed away or left. There are many different stages and emotions that are often experienced when you’ve lost someone that you love. It is common during grief to have a large host of emotions that must be worked through and dealt with. Individuals may become angry, sad, or feel frustrated or even guilty when someone that they love has left them. It can be a very difficult situation to deal with. Below are some tips that individuals grieving can do that will help them cope and remain healthy when they are dealing with their loss. Taking care of yourself can help you work through the bereavement much faster and it can help you return to functioning normally once again.

    Helpful Tips

    1.) Remember to eat. It will help you keep your strength up.
    2.) Exercise throughout the day. Even if you need to simply take a walk with a loved one you will be getting out your energy in a positive way. This can also help you rest well at night.
    3.) Try to rest when you can. This will help you recover much faster.
    4.) Talk to someone that you love and trust about how you feel and what you are dealing with. This will help you get your feelings out.
    5.) Therapy, therapy, therapy. Psychotherapy is a wonderful way to learn to address your feelings and work through them in a clinical, safe, and private setting.

    Everyone is different. Therefore, the grief that may be experienced will also likely be different by each person. Just remember that while this is a normal process, there does come a time when individuals are able to move on from their loss. If you, or a loved one, is not able to move away from these feelings and it is interrupting your normal, everyday activities you may want to seek professional assistance.

    You may also find helpful tips and more support in our Mental Healthy Community Bereavement Forum. Here members share their stories, helpful tips, and are always ready lend an ear and give support.