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  • About Simple & Specific Phobias

    August 23, 2010 No Comments
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    Understanding Specific/Simple Phobia

    Specific or Simple phobias affect one out of ten people.  This phobia can bring an irrational fear from certain things onto the person affected by the condition. These phobias can appear as early as childhood or even when in adulthood.  This is a very debilitating condition for those that are affected by it.

    Things that can cause an attack:

    • Animals.  Fear of dogs and cats can be terrifying to some individuals and can cause stress and anxiety.
    • Flying.  For many the fear of flying is a common stressor.
    • Driving.  Many individuals have an anxiety with driving.  They become anxious when faced with traffic or unexpected road conditions.
    • Water
    • Elevators.  For many being in tight enclosed spaces can cause stress and anxiety.
    • Sight of injuries

    The level of fear or panic will ultimately be determined by the specific object encountered.  This condition may be caused by environmental situations, social situations, and the factors of the person’s brain chemistry.  Psychotherapy may be the best option for treatment of this condition.

    As there are a variety of objects or places that may cause this intense fear to come over the affected person, someone may reap rewards from seeking therapy.  This will help them control their behavior when encountering the feared and also to understand more about why they may be so frightened.

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