What are Your Triggers | Dealing With Depression

October 5th, 2010

Think back to your last manic episode.  Were you just all of the sudden generally sad, or was there a specific event that threw you into a funk?

For many it may start with a bad review at work, a rude customer, a spat with the parents or a significant other.  People on the outside are so quick to say, “Oh it isn’t that bad” or how about “just let it roll of your back”.  If only it were that easy right?

Well it can be.  One bad event does not define you nor does it have any power to control your day.  The key to rising out of the funk is not by avoiding any situation that might get rough.  That would be impossible.  The key is what you do after.  Reflect on the situation but don’t dwell on it.  In your reflection there are a few questions that you should ask yourself to thoroughly assess the situation.

Could I have done something differently?

Take responsibility if you had a part in the situation.  If you could have reacted differently, take notes for the next time.

Why am I feeling this way?

Why does this situation touch you so personally?  Remember all relationships have their ups and downs.  This is normal.  Ask yourself if it can be worked out.  Talk it out instead of internalizing it.

This is a good start.  Most depressives take everything to heart.  We have the tendency to equate our self worth with what other people may think of us.  The first step is to step away from the situation.  Don’t keep it in, find someone to bounce your thoughts off of.