The thing with parents who don’t spank…

Hi all,

I just thought I’d start off with a topic that is close to many parents’ hearts, and that is known for the controversy and divisiveness it incites. There’s nothing quite like a good old verbal barney to kick off proceedings, is there?

But no, on a serious note…it’s something that I’ve thought about often. I know people who spank, and I know people who don’t spank. I myself belog in the latter category. Even though I am a non-spanker, though, I nonetheless believe in discipline. Children need to be taught how to treat others, themselves and their environment, and and how to control their behaviour and emotions. You don’t need to hit them to teach them this.

 The thing that really bothers me, then, is the number of committed non-spankers who don’t discipline their children at *all*. They seem to equate discipline with spanking, and it seems like an all-or-nothing proposition – they choose not to spank, but they don’t choose and use alternatives. I don’t know if this is through lack of parent education, or through parents being blase’. But in any case, it’s not a good thing. Their children end up suffering through lack of guidance, and people who don’t spank but still discipline their children in other ways are given a bad name.

Anyone agree with me?