Arguments – I don’t have decades of experience as a parent, but one thing I do know is that people who say their kids don’t argue with them or among themselves are lying. Kids argue, it’s just what they do. If you don’t like it, get used to it. Sure, you don’t want them gouging each others eyes out or maiming each other (see next entry); within reason though, arguing is better than not communicating at all. If anything, it can be argued that many life skills & attributes that are valued in the adult world –  including persuasion, negotiation, standing up for oneself, respecting others’ opinions, learning when to ‘let things go’ & learning to lose gracefully – have their genesis in the family arguments of one’s childhood.
Accidents – Whether they’re of the toileting, destructive or injurious variety, accidents are part & parcel of childhood and parenthood. At the time they can be distressing, annoying, upsetting and all the rest…just remember though that injuries (for the most part, anyway) heal, possessions are just “things” (and far less important than the pepple in our lives) and poop can be cleaned up

Alcohol – I think I’m far from alone when I say I subscribe to the “everything in moderation” philosophy. There are so many other things that parents are made to feel guilty about, that having the odd beer or glass of vino of a night-time should be a well-deserved luxury, rather than a guilty indulgence.