Relationships Matter

So today’s news is that Disney have announced that there will be no further movies made which include the Disney Princess character. Has society moved on so much now that the role of a Princess has been wiped out?

What do you think girls? Is there a difference between being the sparkly, shiny, glammed up Princess character and being treated like a Princess? Do we want to be treated like a Princess but remove the expectations of looking like one? Guys, do you like your girl to look a stereotypical Princess or do you prefer real life?

Well there is an argument that ‘real’ girls don’t have the time or inclination to be so meticulous about their appearance as we’re too busy running around after the kids of fulfilling our careers. There’s another stereotypical view that any woman who does make all this effort (and let’s face facts, it is a huge effort!) only does so because she doesn’t have anything else to do or isn’t capable of achieving anything more? Would you say that was true?

I think the princesses portrayed in movies are women who defer to men for everything. They merely exist to look good and hang from the arm of a rich guy who provides everything for them. It’s rather a sexist portrayal and dates back to days long gone by when men expected to provide for women and equal rights were just a glint in the eyes of the Suffragette’s!

Today’s women are far more self supporting. We don’t need to rely on men as we can do everything equally well for ourselves, and more so in some cases! We’re respected equally and paid salaries that are level with our male colleagues. The role of the Disney Princess just doesn’t exist anymore and we have a responsibility to teach our children a different set of values to those the Disney Princess promoted.

Will you be continuing to allow your little girls to wear sparkly outfits and wave their magic wands until they’re older? Do you feel that kids should not be taught that this kind of lifestyle even exists and that they must learn equality from the day they are born?

It’s great to dress up and be girly from time to time but we wanted equal rights and we should continue to strive for our own successes in life. We owe it to those women who fought for us don’t we? Or do we? Let me know where you stand on this by leaving a comment below