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As my last few posts have been on some quite serious subjects, I thought today I’d bring you something a little lighter hearted.

Flirting is something people tend to naturally be good or not so good at. Here is a fun quiz to determine what your flirting style is. Answer all eight questions, make a note of your answer, and at the end I’ll give you an insight into whether your style is going to get you good results. Ready…..?

Q1. You’re in a bar with some friends. Sitting at the next table is someone very attractive. How do you get their attention?

a)      Being really LOUD and kooky – that’ll get their attention, right?

b)      Stare at them until they realise you are looking then quickly look the other way.

c)       Get drunk quickly

d)      Parking yourself at their table and initiating a conversation

e)      Do nothing except smile

Q2. Eek, they’ve noticed you and want to buy you a drink! What’s your poison?

a)      Champagne of course Darling

b)      Something in a bottle which you drink suggestively

c)       I’d better stick with the Tequila – I’ve had too many already. Anything else and I’ll be sick! Eww!

d)      You order a Pepsi, but ask the Bartender to secretly bring you something alcoholic

e)      I’ll have what you’re having. I’m soooo easygoing.

Q3. On a date, you’ve opted for the movies but he has chosen the film. What do you do?

a)      Try to distract him by seductively teasing him

b)      Sit as close as you can without touching

c)       Spend the whole time dreaming of the minute you can leave

d)      Hide a slushy note in their popcorn and hope they find it soon

e)      Take notes so you can discuss the movie afterwards over a drink

Q4. You meet up with your partner of a month. How do you greet them?

a)      Snog their face off

b)      Giving them lingering looks as you approach them slowly

c)       With a present

d)      With a compliment

e)      Give them a big smile and an even bigger kiss

Q5. You’ve seen a profile on a dating site that you like. What do you do next?

a)      Send them an email to tell them you can’t wait to meet them

b)      ‘Wink’ or ‘nudge’ them and let them respond when they see your gorgeous picture

c)       Ask them for a date

d)      Tell them you think you’re in love

e)      Send them an email picking up on something they said in their profile

Q6. How do you discourage an unwanted admirer?

a)      Go out with them once then put them on your ignore list

b)      Pat them on the head and tell them they are just too cute for liking you

c)       Have a couple of drinks first

d)      Tell them you’d rather be their friend

e)      Tell them no then start talking about something else quickly

Q7. You’re meeting the parents! What do you do?

a)      Go commando and remind your partner at every opportunity

b)      Charm their Mother but listening to her talk about her friends at church

c)       Get drunk – this is scary!

d)      Set about complimenting everything you come across in their home

e)      Eat every mouthful of dinner and ask for the recipes

Q8. How do you behave at job interviews?

a)      Flirt with the interviewer

b)      Put on a confident act

c)       Have some Dutch courage before you go

d)      Gush about how much you love the company and what they do

e)      Prepare well and do lots of research so you’re ready for whatever they ask


You’re pretty full on. Short of wearing a sign saying “come and get me” there is not much more you could do to let people know you fancy them. It may be worth toning your style down a bit as you are at risk from people thinking you are desperate


You’re a flirt expert! You’re subtle in your approach and you’ll let them think it was their idea to come over to you. Very clever!


Have you checked your alcohol intake recently? Possibly you’re drinking too much. It’s likely the way you think other people see you is not the reality. Cut back a bit and take some tips from the mostly B’s


You’re the clever and witty charmer. You know how to woo with your words. Don’t overdo your compliments though. Everyone likes to feel good, but make sure you know when enough is enough.


You’ve worked out that the smart flirter makes sure it all about them. People like those who are similar to them so your measured approach will get you results.

So come on, what score did you get? I got mostly E’s, but then I take a measured, researched approach to everything I do and flirting is no different.