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Whatever our status in life, it is human nature to want what we haven’t got. I’m not just talking about bigger homes and the latest gadgets, but we often notice the traits that annoy us in the people we love. How often do you tell those around you thst you love them? Do you take time each day to reflect on where your life is blessed?

If any of you guys use Twitter, you may have come across the #my5thingstobe hashtag. Every day Twitter users take a few minutes to think of five things they are grateful for and share them. I want to introduce the idea here too. Here are mine;

1) I’m grateful that my mom is receiving good care at the Hospital after she fell recently and broke her hip

2) I’m grateful that I work Freelance which meant I was able to travel back to the City where she lives, to help out.

3) I’m grateful my partner supports my choice to be near my mom and that he drove for hours at the weekend to come over and spend some time with me and help out.

4) I’m grateful that the MIFI dongle worked so I am able to use the internet to work

5) I am grateful that Jackie Collins writes such great books and that I have them here to read.

Your five things to be grateful for will no doubt change each day but it is a great habit to get yourself into. We can become so absorbed in what we haven’t got in life that we fail to notice what we have that is so good.

Who else would like to share their five things to be grateful for? Please do leave your list in the comment box below