Pulling Out of a Mental Slump is a Challenge

February 3rd, 2011

One of the many challenges in dealing with depression is managing your thoughts when you get into an unhappy state of mind.  We know things such as stress, relationships, and dramatic life changes can bring on the blues quickly but too bad getting rid of them isn’t always as easy as they come.  Depression often makes your mood go up and down like a yo-yo and when you feel down it’s like a heavy feeling that is hard to lift up.  Getting out of a slump can be such a challenge because you feel as if you have no motivation to do anything like daily activities.  For some getting into a slump turns into a comfort zone that can be hard to break and sometimes hard to explain to others who may see you as lazy or disorganized. 

Some experience a change in their mood for no reason and literally feel good one day and bad the next without an immediate cause.  Sometimes a slump may leave you feeling emotionless; times you may not feel like smiling or laughing especially if you feel as though you have little energy to do so.  Just when you thought you were feeling better something comes along and brings you back down again and for those who made a recovery of depression a slump could lead to a relapse. It is okay to let your feelings come out but keep in mind you don’t have to stay that way or remain stuck. Remember there are things you can do to help yourself get out of that slump.  Getting motivated can be tough when you feel like you have no passion to put your heart into something but there is a reason why you’re seeing a new day. The sooner you can pull out the better things will be.