Monday Blues | Dealing With Depression

September 20th, 2010

We have all heard terms like Monday blues and manic Mondays.  These terms were always considered a way of expressing that we don’t want to see the weekend come to a close.  However this is a real affliction, not just a psychological urban legend.

If you find yourself more upset or depressed on Mondays, don’t be alarmed.  All we need to do is get into a more positive mindset.  Don’t think of Monday as the demise of yet another weekend or the beginning of another horrible week.  Think of Monday as a clean slate and a pathway to yet another splendid weekend!  Mondays present new opportunities and new ways to meet new goals.  Make new friends and accomplish new things.

So no more manic Mondays.  Let’s have magnificent Mondays!  Happy Monday!  Let’s have a great week.