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So you’re interested in finding help for your mental health or other concerns. That’s great! One of the most common forms of help is participating in psychotherapy. There are plenty of great therapists that are willing to help you. If you’d like to find a therapist near you, feel free to use our Find a Therapist Tool.

In most cases, psychotherapy involves meeting with your therapist on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or perhaps on an as needed basis. The more you work with one therapist, the more that therapist will understand your situation, issues, and concerns; which will allow them to better help you.

Paying for therapy

If you have insurance, generally your insurance will cover the majority of cost per session with your therapist. You may have to expense a small co-pay depending on your insurance provider.

If you’d like to talk to a professional counselor now, that’s great too! We can help. Would you prefer to talk to someone over the phone? How about through chat or instant message? Currently insurance companies do not cover this cost, so you will have to pay for this service yourself. Click the link if you’d like to continue: Yes, I want to talk to a professional counselor right now instead.

Mental Healthy Community

Have you tried joining in on our Mental Healthy Community? Here you will also find a valuable resource for support and information. Our members are always willing to lend an ear, offer advice, encouragement, and support. Please take me to the Mental Healthy Community.

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