Helping yourself cope with depression at no cost

If you struggle with depression, you may think that you have to spend hundreds of dollars per month in counseling sessions and/or paying for medicine to control your symptoms, but if you simply don’t have insurance or cash to cover such treatment, there are ways that you can help yourself cope with depression at no cost.

To manage depression, there are actions that you can take to reduce or eliminate symptoms to bring you relief.  I understand that the last thing you want to do when you’re depressed is to take action, but somehow you must find it within you to fight against staying where you are if you really want to get better.

One very simple thing that you can do to cope with depression is to cultivate a supportive relationship with someone that you trust.  Having support is a huge factor in managing your symptoms.  If you isolate and stay isolated, your symptoms and life will get worse.  If you shut yourself away from the world and live in your head with its negative thoughts, you may find yourself spiraling fast. 

Sometimes reaching out for help or support is hard for people.  Perhaps you are embarrassed and ashamed to tell someone that you need help but I want you to remember that most people love to help others.  We like to be “needed” and what an honor to support and encourage someone that we love. 

You could also volunteer somewhere helping animals or people.  Sometimes the best way to feel better about yourself is to help others. Think about volunteering at the hospital, the SPCA, a nursing home, or anywhere you think you could make a difference.

Exercising is another activity that may help your depression as exercise releases endorphins into our bodies and give us a natural boost in mood.  Consider joining a gym or exercise class or even ask a buddy to exercise with you.  Keep each other accountable and encourage each other as well.

If you feel you really need to discuss your issues with a professional, check with your local social services agency to see if they can recommend a non-profit that offers free counseling.  Sometimes churches offer support groups for those struggling with depression or other mood disorders.  Don’t be afraid to make phone calls and ask around to find free local resources. 

Writing things down in a journal is a wonderful way to get your feelings out and keep track of your thoughts and life.  Begin writing down your thoughts, hopes, and dreams daily and review periodically.  Challenge any negative thinking and replace the negative with positive thoughts.  Write down a list of positive affirmations and say aloud daily to increase your self-esteem and confidence.

Coping with depression does not have to be costly and you can even cope with it at no cost if you decide to take positive action against it.  Take time to research how others manage and even cure their depression as you can get wonderful advice from those who’ve walked your shoes and are now enjoying life free from depression.