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Thank you for your interest in Mental Healthy. All email sent to us is always read, but may not be replied to. How to best reach the appropriate party at Mental Healthy?

  • Submit an online resource for consideration in the Mental Healthy Resources Collection, please use this form. All resources will be reviewed for appropriateness before being published. Types of resources are: Websites, Online Support Groups, and any other valuable resources.
  • Submit an article for publication on our site; please refer to our submission guidelines.
  • Are you an expert in your area of psychology, relationships or the human condition and would like to contribute to Mental Healthy’s blogs (or start your own)? Please email us: talkback at
  • Submit a book or product for our review. Please send a review copy to the address listed below to: MentalHealthy
  • Member of the media? Talk to Social Worker, Beau Lynch, about, self-help resources, Mental Healthy community & support groups, or some other related topic, you can contact him directly here.

If you have a mental health or psychology question, please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and use our search engine to see if we may have already provided the answer you’re seeking on the site.

Email Addresses

General inquiries, website errors: [email protected]
Sales inquiries: [email protected]
Investor inquiries: [email protected]
Submit an article: [email protected]

Mailing Address

Not yet available

If you choose to send us a package, please do not require a signature.

We do not answer personal queries by phone. All the information that we have about mental health and psychology issues is available on Mental Healthy. We’re sorry, but we do not provide personal consultations or advice. If you don’t leave us a message about the specific nature of your inquiry, we are also unlikely to return your call.

If you contact us by telephone for a community support issue, please leave us your username or email address that you are contacting us about. We cannot return phone calls regarding a community support issue without this information.

We do not accept electronic legal notices.

Additional Resources for Inquiries

If you are seeking mental health, psychological or relationship advice, we encourage you to use one of the many free resources we make available to our members:

  • Submit a Question Service
  • Member and Support Chat Rooms
  • Our Mental Healthy Community and Message Boards
  • Need help finding a quality therapist in your community?
  • Need a therapist to talk to right now?

If you or someone you know is suicidal, check out our suicidal resources or The Samaritans, a charity that also offers free online suicidal emotional support via e-mail.