2010 October 13 | Dealing With Depression

October 13th, 2010

It’s one of those days where I feel so crappy I can’t concentrate on what’s in front of me – literally!

I either daydream too much or too often, put it off until later which turns into days, or just don’t want to do it.  I know most people feel this way but it’s a little different when you’re depressed.  Cleaning around the house could be seen as exercise depending on the activity such as vacuuming or sweeping.  You do the task and in most cases you feel like you got something accomplished. 

When you’re depressed you feel like “why bother?” 

One of the things that is so hard to do while being depressed is changing the way you think and see things around you.  It’s one thing to have a negative comment or thought to say about something other than yourself but when it comes to saying something about yourself its all you know.

Sometimes you have a hard time seeing things in a good way. 

It’s difficult to talk to someone because they either won’t understand or you think they don’t care. I know there are people I can talk to when I’m looking to be cheered up or to get something off my chest but it takes a lot of patience, practice, and positive energy to make that change work.  Another one of those “easier said than done” deals.

Patience, practice, and positivity are the 3 P’s I chose to help me deal with my depression because I think they are needed to overcome it or at least make each day better than the day before.