Depression; The Trap Within

October 17, 2010

Depression, the Trap Within

It is my opinion that the purpose of depression is the death and destruction of the human soul by deception.  Think about it, we are what we think.  Our world and our lives are controlled by our thoughts.  The human brain the greatest computer ever created.  With it we are capable of doing incredible things.  We create things for good, better, or worst.  We are capable of doing good, or evil.  The choice is ours.  When our brains function like it is supposed to; the sky is the limit.

Our minds are also able to turn against themselves.  I believe this to be true when depression sets in.  Our perception of the world becomes distorted.  We get stuck in black and white thinking.  The cup is half empty.  It is about have not’s, not about what we have.  Instead of seeing a world of opportunity, it is a world of limits.  We also start believing things to be true when they are not.  Our minds lie to us when depression sets in.  At this point you cannot trust your thoughts, or feelings.  This can happen to anyone.  No one on earth is immune to depression.  It can happen to anyone of us on any given day.  It is not a defect of character.  It has nothing to do with intelligence.  In fact some of the most intelligent people who ever lived suffered terrible with depression.  Winston Churchill comes to mind to me.  He called depression his black dog.

When you are depressed nothing can satisfy, or comfort you.  Happiness takes a holiday and you are uncertain of its return.  Pessimism sets in and optimism flees.  A long night of extreme sadness sets in.  Your emotions turn against you with anger, self-hate.  Self-pity sets in and you think you cannot do anything right.  Everything is wrong.  You feel the whole world is against you.  You feel no one can be trusted.  You may feel unloved, or wanted.  You may have severe emotional and physical pain.  This is indeed is very real, and you may feel so bad that you are willing to do anything to stop the pain.  For some this is when suicidal thoughts set in.  Some attempt or complete suicide, and this is a sad fact indeed because suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

What is the solution?  No one wants to live in torment or constant pain.  Depression can be treated and conquered but it takes a lot of hard work.  Depression is a trap of negative thinking, and it feeds on itself.  You may need medication to help with the symptoms, but to stop depression in its tracks, you must change the way you think.  Depression can set in for years and negative thinking becomes a habit.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help but you need to identify the lies your mind has told to you.  This can be hard because you’ve been thinking negatively so long that you may not even be aware of it.  You may even hate or dislike yourself.  All of that has got to change.  You must learn to love and care for you.  No one can do this for you.  You cannot feel love from others until you learn to love yourself.  Looking for a relationship from a person to complete the love you don’t have for yourself will not work.  How can you expect unconditional love from others when you do not love and accept yourself unconditionally?

You also need to apply “opposite action” to get better.  Get out of bed and get busy even if you don’t want to.  Make yourself stay busy.  Set up a routine of things you need to do to take care of you and stick with it.  Even when you get into recovery, depression will raise its ugly head every now and again.  It is okay to cry, or have a bad day, but you cannot let it become an everyday occurrence.  Your happiness depends on you taking care of you.  Have an attitude of gratitude, always being thankful for what you have.  Always look for the bright side of life.  The negative will always be there, but we cannot dwell on it.

Get your higher power help you with the things you cannot seem to let go.  Hang up the serenity prayer where you can see it.  Ask God to help you change the things you can, and to accept the things you cannot change.  Ask for the wisdom to know the difference.  A big part of living in life is learning to live with unresolved problems.  We all have problems, but we can choose not to let the problems get us down.  Happiness is a choice we have to make every day.


David W McCannon

Copyright © 2010

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