October 12, 2010

Mental Healthy Blogs

Here at Mental Healthy, we try and bring you a variety of mental health blogs related to mental health concerns and psychology. We are striving to provide the reader with a surplus of fresh new perspectives, ideas and updates in every category one might have a concern in. Go ahead and select a blog or category below to learn more. Are you a mental health professional interested in blogging for us?

“All About Anxiety”A Mental Healthy blog committed to provided the reader with the most current information, news, and insight into Anxiety & Panic.

“Dealing With Depression”Depression is one of the leading diagnosed Mental Illnesses in our society today. This blog attempts to dissect and provide a insight in dealing with Depression.

“Daphne’s Road to Recovery” Want to know more about Substance Use and Abuse? Want to learn how to stay sober and cope with withdrawals? Daphne attempts to provide you with the resources and information you need.

“Eating Disorders Explained” Straight from the Author of the best selling “Beating Ana: How to Outsmart our Eating Disorder”and” Take Your Life Back”. Shannon Cutts gives amazing insight and advice into Eating Disorders.

“Mental Matters” A Mental Healthy blog with an author on a mission. His mission is to educate and increase awareness of Child and Adolescent Mental Health. A must read!

“Renewing the Mind” Spirituality plays a significant role in our road to recovery, as well as coping with mental illnesses. Mr. James Mathis does a wonderful job explaining and providing essential information and guidance to our readers.

“Demystifying Mood Disorders” was created to inspire individuals affected by Bipolar and other Mood Disorders. Whether your suffering from a Mood Disorder, you have friends or family with Bipolar, of just looking for information; this blog is for you.

“Relationships Matter” is a blog that focuses on dealing with the ups and downs one faces in relationships. Veronica attempts to inspire and educate those from her own personal life experiences and studies.

“Sexual & Gender Identity Disorders” is a Mental Healthy blog that focuses on all sexual disorders and conditions. Sexual Disorders impact on the world population seems to be growing as times are changing. Lacey attempts to dissect and explain causes, treatments, and other helpful news about Sex Disorders.

“Schizophrenic Life” Want to know what it’s like to live or live with someone with Schizophrenia? Then this blog is for you. In this blog, the author will try to paint the clearest picture of the schizophrenic life as well as provide helpful information and resources to it’s viewers.

“ADDed Dimension” ADD and ADHD affects nearly 8% of school aged children and roughly 5% of working adults. The trend of ADD/ADHD diagnosis seems to be growing and the need to know and understand more is even more evident now.

“The Parents Nook” Parenting is a tough gig. The author Kiera attempts to pull from life experiences and lessons learned to give the reader good insight, answer questions, and provide support for those current parents or expecting.

“The Restless Pillow” Trouble sleeping? Want to learn how to get a better nights sleep? Don’t worry, your not alone. Follow this blog to learn how you can begin having a better night’s sleep and also helpful information about sleep disorders.

“The Mental Health Consequences of Life” Do you have life stressors that you’re dealing with? Of course you do. This blog we hope will provide you with important tools and helpful insight into maintaining balance in your busy life and reduce stress.

“Stop Stressing Out” – Do you stress easy and often? Read more here to learn how to cope with stress and restore balance in your life. Stress effects everyone, but how much it affects you is up to you.