Intro To Anti-Psychotic Meds |

Introduction to Anti-psychotic Medications

There are some individuals that may find themselves suffering from different types of psychosis.  The symptoms that they are experiencing may range from hallucinations to delusions and they may have a very hard time distinguishing between what is reality and what is not real.  Because of this, there are times when these people will be given antipsychotic medications in order to help them manage the symptoms that they are experiencing.  There are a few primary illnesses that these medications are used to treat and they may include schizophrenia, delusional disorders, and even extreme cases of bipolar disorder.

Just like any other medication, there are often a great deal of side effects that may be experienced when someone is taking these medications.  It is always a good idea to have a full understanding of what some of these side effects may be so that you will be able to identify when you need to speak to a health care professional, or when you are experiencing something that is relatively normal.  Therefore, take some time to look over some of the following side effects in order to be prepared:

1.)     These medications may cause pancreatitis.

2.)    Can cause diabetes and studies have found that this is more common in African Americans.

3.)    Some of the medications can cause an individual’s white blood cells to drop in numbers to a number that can be very dangerous for them.

4.)    Can actually decrease the person’s seizure threshold.

5.)    Sexual dysfunction for some individuals

Individuals that are dealing with psychotic symptoms will most likely want their symptoms to go

away.  That is why these medications can be such a great help.  They can really help individuals accept reality and identify what may not be reality.  But, there are a lot of negative side effects to these medications and it can become very difficult to determine if the medications are actually worth it when you take the side effects into account.  Because of that, it is strongly recommended that anyone who is taking these medications continually work with their doctor in order to ensure that they are safe and the medications are working properly.