Intro To Anti-Depressant Meds |

Introduction to Antidepressant Medications

Antidepressant medications are the medications that are typically given to an individual in order to treat different depressive disorders that may be experienced and diagnosed by a mental health care professional.  These medications are usually given as a way to effect the neurotransmitters in the brain while helping an individual experience less side effects.  These medications are often experimented with in order to help an individual find the one that works the best for them.  They may need to try a few different types in order to get the desired effects. However, some individuals will also need to take a few different types at one time in order to get the help that they need.

What you should know:

1.)    These medications are not given over the counter.  This means that you will need to speak to a health care professional and give them your symptoms before these medications will be prescribed for you.

2.)    You may not feel any positive effects from the medications immediately after you start taking them.  A lot of people want to be able to take a pill and have wonderful, life changing results.  That is not what happens with these medications.  You may actually need to take them for six to eight weeks before you really start to notice a change.

3.)    The medications that fall into this category are usually given to people for six to twelve months.  At this time, the patient and the doctor will then begin discussing what can be done in order to start weaning the person off of the medication.

4.)    Individuals that are taking these medications should NEVER stop taking them without speaking to their doctor first.  This can actually cause a lot of negative side effects and it can really make this worse for the person, or create new problems.  So, it is very important to speak with a health care professional about discontinuing use before any final decisions are made.

5.)    Many people do not know it but most of these medications are started out at much lower doses and then the individuals doctor will gradually increase the amount of medication that is given.  However, individuals should never take it upon themselves to increase the amount of medication that they are taking.

6.)    Individuals that are taking antidepressants will most likely suffer from side effects when they begin taking them.  If the side effects do not improve, or they continue to get worse, it would be best to contact a professional and let them know what you are experiencing.

Possible Side Effects:

1.)     A dry mouth

2.)    Trouble with bowel movements

3.)    Complications emptying ones bladder

4.)    Impairment in sexual functioning

5.)    Being tired during the day

6.)    Blurred vision

7.)    Feeling dizzy