Spanking, Good Or Bad? |

What about Spanking?

We can all most likely recall a time or two when our parents needed to spank us.  That was actually once a very common form of disciplining a child.  However, if you turn on the television, or the radio, today you may be well aware of the fact that many individuals have a different take on what this form of punishment does to a child.  Therefore, this brief article will look at some of the pros and cons related to spanking a child.  By taking the time to look at what is bad about it, as well as what may be good about it, parents will be able to make a more informed decision about how they would like to discipline their children.


1.)     This can be a short term result for children that are engaging in negative behavior.  It can actually help decrease the negative behavior that your child is exhibiting.

2.)    This can be effective for children that are between the ages of 2 and 6 when it is used with other forms of discipline such as a time out.

3.)    Using reasoning with this form of punishment may also be very effective and beneficial for parents.


1.)     There may be long term, negative consequences such as anti-social behavior or even aggressive behaviors that can be seen by individuals that use this type of punishment all of the time with their children.

2.)    There may be times when parents are actually sending mixed messages to their children if they are spanking them.  Think about how confusing that can be for a child when you are spanking them for being aggressive with another child.  This really does send two different messages.

3.)    This may cause a child to feel really detached from their parents.  This can cause a lot of complications between the parent, and the child, as the child grows.  This is especially true if the child is still being spanked as they get older.  This is not an appropriate form of discipline for children that are in their teens.