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Learning About the Different Types of Parenting

Becoming a parent can be very stressful for you and your partner.  There are a lot of things to consider and you may actually find out that you and your partner are much more different than you really realized that you were.  This is most often seen when you begin taking the time to look at the different parenting styles, as well as the parenting style that works the best.  You may even be wondering what style of parenting you seem to use the most, or which style your spouse seems to use.  So, this article will be a very nice introduction to the different type s of parenting styles that are seen.  You may even be able to identify a style that you would like to adopt for yourself.

Different Styles

1.)     Authoritative– This style of parenting is often seen as the best.  The parents that use this type of parenting style will not be passive with their children.  They will also set very firm limits and standards with their children but they will allow the child to make some decisions on their own.  This is a great way for the child to learn how to follow rules and have responsibilities at the same time.

2.)    Authoritarian– Parents that follow this type of parenting style are very structured with what they expect from their children. However, they do not allow their children to have very much say in the decisions that are made.  This can be good for some children that may have some behavior problems.  However, it can contribute to low self-esteem in others if they are not able to learn how to make decisions on their own.

3.)    Permissive– Parents that are permissive will let their children make a lot of decisions.  This is great for some children that may seem to be very withdrawn and they need help making effective decisions.  However, this can be very dangerous for a child that has a behavior problem and is not able to control their actions.  These children do not need to have that much control as they need to learn some forms of structure.

As you can see, there really are a few different parenting styles that can be employed by a parent.   Try different types in order to see what works best with your child.  You may find out that a mixture of two different styles may work the best for you and your family.  Sometimes, when you are a new parent, you may simply need to try a few different things in order to see what works best for you in the end.