Asperger’s Disorder

Introduction to Asperger’s Disorder

August 22, 2010

Introduction to Asperger’s Disorder

Children that are diagnosed with Asperger’s disorder infrequently voluntarily seek out social interactions with others. They may seem to be impaired when it comes to their social interactions and abilities but they will not seem to be delayed in too many other areas of their life.  Many of these children will engage in repetitive behaviors or they will seem to be very restricted in their movements and what they choose to do.  These children may also seem to be very preoccupied with parts of certain objects rather than with the entire object itself.

Asperger’s vs. Autism

This condition is different from autism because the child will not have delays in their language, self help behaviors, or even in their cognition and thought process.

Individuals with Asperger’s also seem to be curious about the environment around them but they do not seek out social interaction.  This condition can be found in both sexes, but for some reason is found to be much more prevalent in males. Asperger’s can often be seen along with a general medical condition.  Often time’s parents will report that their child seems to be clumsy as they begin their motor development.

The American Psychiatric Association has developed a list of common symptoms, or behaviors, that are often seen when it comes to this disorder. Fully understanding what these behaviors are can be a great way to distinguish between Asperger’s and Autism.  Keep in mind is that if any health complications are suspected then a health care professional should be contacted immediately.  This will definitely help parents learn to deal with this condition in an affective and appropriate manner.