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Have Social Anxiety?

August 16, 2010

Spending time with others is not always as easy as others make it out to be. Actually, many people actually struggle with being around others. There are times when being in large groups, or spending time with peers, can be very difficult for someone. These individuals may be suffering from social anxiety disorder. This article will examine this condition in more detail so that others will fully understand the symptoms and how social anxiety can affect someone’s life and the things that they do.

First, it is very important to realize that the symptoms a person experiences in relation to social anxiety can happen at any time. But there are a few key points to remember when it comes to this as well.
Developmental social anxiety – this type of anxiety will develop when the child is very small. This is actually very normal for most children and they are able to work through most of this.
Chronic social anxiety – this will often be experienced as the child grows. It is often seen during adolescence, or even throughout adulthood.
It is very important to understand social anxiety during childhood, as well as in the adult years, in order to gain a better understanding in relation to how people may feel while they are dealing with this disorder. It will also help others understand how, and why, it may develop for some. Let us start by looking at social anxiety during childhood. All children experience some type of social anxiety as they learn and grow. It is not uncommon for individuals to experience anxiety and fear in relation to making new friends, engaging in new activities, and even public speaking situations. However, many individuals are able to work through all of this. They are able to overcome their fears.

Now, there are a few different fears and anxieties that are common for adults as well. These may include stage fright or speaking in public. Again, most individuals are able to work through these fears. But, for some, they may progress into anxieties that are not overcome. This is when it could become very difficult for some individuals to engage in activities with others. There are times when the social anxiety may also be categorized based on what triggers it and just how broad it is as well.
If someone is having a continually rough time with a situation, and it continues to cause a lot of stress and anxiety, that person may be diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder. The following information will outline some of the common symptoms that are experienced when someone has this type of a disorder.• Physical components such as sweating, or even blushing

• Negative or stressful thoughts – the individual may think that they are going to be judged based on their performance, or they will be labeled in a negative way
• Changes in behavior are often experienced. This will include the person avoiding a certain situation in order to avoid feeling this anxiety.