Frequently Asked Questions |

1.) What is alcoholism?

Alcoholism is when a person becomes dependent on this drug. The individual will consume large amounts of alcohol without thinking of the consequences. This individual may not be able to control their drinking. They may also suffer from tremors or blackouts.

2.) Is alcoholism a disease?

Alcoholism is a disease that these individuals need to deal with. This disease has symptoms that are very well defined and explained. There are also different factors that play a large role in the progression of the disease. These factors may be genetic and environmental.

3.) Can someone be cured if they are suffering from alcoholism?

Alcoholism can not be cured. However, it is treatable if the individual goes through rehab and works very hard to identify the issues surrounding his, or her, use. It is important to remember that the person can relapse throughout their sobriety.

4.) Can a person be on medication for alcoholism?

There are different medications that can be taken in order to help someone deal with their withdrawal symptoms in relation to alcoholism. Some of these medications can also help a person avoid a relapse. For example, some health care professionals will prescribe Antabuse. This is a very effective medication because the person will become very ill if they consume alcohol while they are taking the medication.

5.) Can someone suffer from different complications related to alcohol, even if they are not an alcoholic?

Individuals that consume large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis can actually suffer a lot of negative effects, even if they are not an alcoholic. He, or she, may make decisions that have negative effects on their relationships and life responsibilities. Poor choices can result in job loss or even damaged marriages.