Depression |

Depression is a very serious disorder that effects millions of individuals each year. This disorder is generally diagnosed when someone continues to suffer from depressed symptoms but they have not suffered from any manic episodes. This person may have a very difficult time becoming motivated, or they may have a loss of appetite. This person may not be very interested in the things that they once had a high interest in. It often becomes very difficult for that person to carry out the tasks that they need to complete in order to live like they once did.

Facts and Figures:

• Depression is often associated with a high mortality rate. Actually, it is believed that approximately 15% of the people diagnosed with this disorder will end their life by committing suicide.
• Elderly individuals that are admitted into a nursing home, and have been diagnosed with depression, are more likely to die in their first year compared to others.
• People that have been diagnosed with general medical conditions such as diabetes are more likely to develop depression compared to individuals that are thought to be in relatively good health.
• Adolescent and adult females are actually two times as likely to suffer from major depression symptoms compared to males.
• The symptoms of depression can start at any age. Even though this may be true, most people will begin to experience signs and symptoms when they reach their middle 20’s.

Individuals that begin to notice signs and symptoms of depression within themselves,
or a loved one, will want to take the necessary steps towards getting help. It is very important to seek professional assistance in order to determine what may be causing the symptoms. There are times when someone who is suffering from these symptoms may be suffering from another medical condition that has not been diagnosed yet. That is why a full medical workup may be needed in order to help determine the cause of the symptoms. Therefore, seeking professional assistance is always recommended when someone is suffering from any signs of depression.