Anxiety & Panic |

Most people have heard the terms anxiety or panic attacks from time to time throughout their lives. But, many people are not able to state, with 100% accuracy, that they fully understand what these terms mean. Actually, there are many differences between the two disorders. This article will give a nice basis and lay down a foundation in relation to both of these disorders.


First of all, it is best to remember that all individuals suffer from anxiety from time to time. This is actually a normal part of life. It can motivate individuals to respond to certain situations in helpful ways. It can also motivate individuals to remove themselves from situations that are not so helpful. But, what that needs to be realized is that when a person begins to feel anxious, and nervous, on a daily basis it can become a uncomfortable feeling to experience. It can also make it very difficult to complete the necessary requirements, and responsibilities of life. This means that the person who is dealing with constant anxiety will not be able to focus on much of anything else. The anxiety will actually take control over the person and direct their life.


On the other hand, someone that is dealing with panic disorders, and conditions, will begin to have a dreadful feeling that seems to come out of nowhere. The person that experiences these feelings will not be able to explain what may have caused it. It really does seem to come out of nowhere. This becomes a growing problem, because the individual will begin to have a lot of fear related to when the next panic attack may take place. Which is when the panic disorder can become debilitating for the person, as they will be in constant fear, waiting on the next attack. Because of this, it is very important for individuals that are dealing with these attacks to get help immediately. The feelings that are experienced are so much stronger than simply feeling overwhelmed, and stressed out, and it can cause a person to begin to avoid certain places and situations.


Many people are affected by anxiety disorders, as well as panic disorders, each and every year. So, it might be very interesting for individuals to learn all that they can about these types of conditions in order to get help for themselves, or their loved ones. Here are a few facts that many people may not be aware of.

• In 2010 Roughly 7 million individuals will suffer from generalized anxiety
• Anxiety attacks, and panic attack, have effected approximately 6 million individuals each year
• In 2010 Approximately 15 million people will suffer from social anxiety disorder
• Anxiety disorder and panic attacks are the most common emotional disorders that effect individuals
• Over $22 billion is spent on repeat treatment options for these conditions each year

Individuals that are suffering from either one of these conditions need to realize that they are not alone. The statistics that were just given show that. However, some people may feel like they are sinking and they are not able to focus, or deal with, the different symptoms that they are experiencing. Again, this makes it really hard to function in everyday life. That is why some individuals are not able to follow through with their jobs. They may even have a hard time simply leaving their homes.

There are many different treatment options related to both of these disorders. However, in order to receive effective treatment, an individual will need to make sure that they are diagnosed accurately. Therefore, individuals that are suffering from extreme worry, or concern, will want to speak with a mental health professional, or their doctor, as soon as possible. The same is true for the person that may be suffering from panic attacks. As previously mentioned, these conditions are different. That means that it is very important to determine exactly what is going on so that the proper treatment can be identified and implemented.

Taking the time to read about the differences between the two may help a person identify what condition they are actually suffering from. However, information that is read on the internet, or in a book, should never be taken as an effective answer. It is always best to seek professional in order to get the help that is needed.